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At D. Baxter’s Lamps, Shades and Picture Framing, we are the true lamp experts. We have hundreds of lamps to choose from, but if you can’t find the right one, we can make it for you. A one of a kind lamp can be made from a vase, figurine, sports and musical instruments. Next time you are looking for the perfect lamp to meet your lighting needs visit us at D. Baxter’s.


We have a wonderful selection of lampshades and finials. Custom shades can also be ordered from fabrics or yours or outs. Whether your lamp is old or new, we can update the look to fit your style.


"Buying a shade without your lamp

is like buying a hat without your head."

Always bring in your lamp when shopping for a new shade.

There are so many options based on the type of lamp, height of the lamp, color of the lamp, type of shade, finial, and many more factors when finding the right shade for a lamp, and to ensure a proper fit. Bring your lamp in with you and we will help you find the perfect shade for it.

Shade Types Available: Linen, Silk, Burlap, Parchment, Seagrass, Bamboo, Pleated, Chimney/Oil Lamps, Bridge Lamps, and Glass


Don't throw it away! We can repair or restore your lamp.

Most repairs are as simple as changing the socket and cord.


We also rewire floor lamps, oil lamps, and outdoor lighting. We also can convert lamps from European standards to American standards. 

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